Saturday, November 18, 2017

Stable Cadaster Maps key

Maps of stable (stabile) cadaster contain number of different marks and symbols. I have decided to translate the key to those maps to English so anyone interested is able to find out what the symbols mean. And after three hours of work on this key I have decided to provide it not as free download but as my first-ever paid downloadable file.

Stable cadaster maps key (click on the image to buy).

File type: PDF
Size: 2796x1996 px (printable to A4 or A3 paper format)
Price: $1.50

Preview of the key

If you are interested in the key in JPG or PDF file, let me know on my e-mail Payment is done through PayPal. 


  1. Thanks for making this map key available; it's beautiful!
    1.) One of your land types is a "red field", what is that?
    2.) Also, on the cadaster map of my favorite town (ceska Trebova) a section of forest on the outer edge of the town and was owned by Prince Aloys Joseph Liechtenstein, is labeled Hirschengraben. Could that indicate a deer park/ hunting reserve? or just a place name after the street in Zurich? or something entirely else?

    1. Hello Diane, thanks for the correction about the red fields, I have sent an update.
      About the Hirschengraben - this is most probably local German name, there most probably was good hunting place. :)

  2. Blanka, I just downloaded your map key and am looking forward to using it to piece together my ancestor's life in the small town of Woratschen (Oracov). I see a number of Seifert plots on the Cadaster maps. Both my ggrandfather and my grandfather were born in house #58. I've also been researching the Church records available in Actapublica. Is there anywhere else that you might be able to direct me to research life in that area from the mid 1800's to early 1900's. Thanks for all that I've been able to learn from your posts. - Ken

  3. Are these maps still available? Very interested in purchasing...if possible. Thank you for all this great information you provide! Judi

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