Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I wish you a good start in the new year. Let's hope that this one will be at least a bit better than the previous one.


  1. Wonderful new year to you!!!!!

  2. And a Happy New Year it is! Today I stumbled across CZECH GENEALOGY FOR BEGINNERS; what a gem! I am no longer a beginner, but there is a great deal I don't know and have much to learn.

    But first, some simple things. Your list of occupations is great. I have figured out most of them on my own, but your list confirmed several I had questions about and gave me a couple I hadn't found. I have a couple of occupations that I am not sure about that don't appear on your list.

    The first appears to be written výmink or výminka. I got the feeling one time that it meant like a clerk in a store. Or,could this be výměnkář? Then, if it is, what is "výměnkář". I found an internet reference that equated it to "retired peasant." I think it also has something to do with a life estate in a house on a farm. Can you help me understand?

    The second is pastor gregis; which I think is shepherd of sheep farmer. Am I close?

    Thanks for your help on this. I will contact you later on some in-depth research.

    Thank you,
    --- Larry

  3. With regard to "výměnkář" (a person), or "Výměnek" (the contract): Výměnek, or reservatum rusticum (Lat.), or Altenteil (Germany), Ausgedinge (Austria), Austrag (Bavaria), is frequently discussed topic on Genealogical forums, because nothing really like that exists under the current US laws. Modified forms of it still exists in Germany, Czech Republic, and possibly other central European countries.

    Výměnek is a legally binding exchange of a farm for a pension. The old farmer conveyed the title of the farm to the new owner, and the buyer promised to take care of the seller. Usually the seller continues to live on a portion of the property. The care typically included room, heat, board, health care, clothing, and some allowance.