About me

We had a historical seminar in high school 20 years ago. We had to prepare paper about one of the auxiliary sciences of history. My topics was - genealogy. And there it all began. 

I started to ask my mother about her family. Fortunately one of my great-aunts had a family tree which was created by her relative about twenty years ago. It was basis for my grandfather from mother's side research. Then I had some information from the birth and marriage certificates, few family photos and some other documents. 

I decided one day (I was 18) that it's time to visit the archives. Oh my... When I see myself through the years, I see very naive girl who had no idea what she was into. I went there, ordered two registries - and got totally lost, because I wasn't able to read the writing, understand German and so on. My first thought was "I'm not doing this anymore". 

Well, 17 years later family tree of our daughters includes about 6200 people. I have bachelor degree in history and became professional genealogist after I left my previous job because of maternity leave. Genealogy is my full-time job now and I'm really glad about it because it's the best job I could ever do.

And something bit more personal. I was born in November 1980, so it took 9 more years for communism to fall. I spent whole childhood in a small town near Prague. I moved to Prague after high school, then to Brno in 2003 and we bought a farm house in Vysočina region in 2010. I'm married for 8 years now, we have four daughters, three cats...

My ancestors lived mainly in Central Bohemia and Vysočina region. My husband's ancestors are from Vizovice area and from Southern Bohemia. I'm spending most of my time on projects for my customers, but I'm still trying to spend at least few hours every month on our family research (it's not easy though).

If there is anything you want to know about me - just ask. And I'll decide if I answer or not... :o)