Sunday, June 29, 2014

New web application of Prague regional archives

It seems every Czech archives decided to have its own web application / registry browser. After Pilsen regional archives created PortaFontium website together with Bavarian archives and Austrian St. Pölten archives was included under Matricula-online system, the last one which was still staying in ActaPublica website together with Brno land archives was Prague regional archives. Well, it's not true anymore.

Czech Censuses 1843-1921 part II. - content

We went through the background of the censuses and it was shown how to search for the proper record in the first part of the Czech Censuses. Let's see what the censuses contain, what information can be found there and what not. I'll use 1921 census as an example as it's the census which is widely available online.

Domicile rights between 1849 and 1948

Czech domicile law was quite complicated when it was codified during the second half of 19th century. First domicile law was accepted by Austrian government during the large land administration system reform in 1849 and it was reworked in 1863. Institute of domicile law was in place til 1948 when it was replaced by the residency law.