Friday, February 9, 2018

Immigrants from Nový Hrozenkov, 1875-1880

Nový Hrozenkov belongs among those towns which are located in a mountain valley in eastern part of Moravia. It was very poor region where most of people worked in agriculture. Nový Hrozenkov was quite large town, it had about 3000 people in 1900, but still - there were not enough work opportunities for quickly growing population.

Nový Hrozenkov on historical postcard

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Traditional costumes (kroj) in Cheb (Eger) area

I searched for Cheb (Eger) area traditional costumes (kroj) because of Amy's question in comments under the blog post showing some pictures of these costumes from different regions of Bohemia. I have found quite interesting book published in 1845 and then again in 1877 about Cheb and its surroundings called Eger und das Egerland by Vinzenz Pröckl. There are some pictures of traditional costumes from this area. 

Egerland (Chebsko) is located in western part of Bohemia. It was fully German area and it became part of Czech lands during the reign of Charles IV. in 1348. 

The map above shows current Czech borders (in red). Light grey is original Egerland which was administered from the town Cheb and belonged to the Holy Roman Empire. Dark grey is that part of Egerland which was gived to Czech kings as a pledge in 1322.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Immigrants from Červená parish, Písek district

When one lady asked me to translate few records from Červená parish in Písek district in Southern Bohemia, I haven't expected I'll find number of notes about people who left for the U.S. from this parish. Here is a list of these people - and it's quite a list!

Červená parish church of St. Bartholomeus. Source: