Monday, December 25, 2017

Kroj - local costumes

I'm often asked how kroj (Czech/Moravian/Silesian costume) looked like in different regions of the Czech Republic. I got a link to very interesting booklet published in 1885 showing both male and female krojs from different locations. There are not too many of them but I thought you would like to see them.

Name of the area is on top of the picture - in these cases Pilsen area.

The booklet is available online in the Moravian Regional Library.


  1. I’ve learned so much from you. Many thanks! My ancestors were German Bohemian. I was wondering in you know of a publication like this for their traditional costumes? My ancestors were from western Bohemia (Eger now Cheb, Graslitz now Kraslice) and northwestern Bohemia (Merzlitz now Mrzlice and Salesel now Dolni Zalezly).

    1. Hello Amy, I have some pictures of Cheb (Eger) area traditional costumes, I'll publish it in few days. :)

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