Monday, November 28, 2011

Too many things to be done...

...before Christmas. That's why I had to put aside all things which are not directly connected to my work. I have not forgotten about this blog, I keep it in mind, don't be afraid. There is just a little time left for myself and I need to rest sometimes. :o) It should be better in January, anyway I hope to prepare a Christmas special post. Thanks for understanding!

Family history: Vaclav Filipek

My father, Vaclav Filipek, was born in Pencicky (now included in Pencice, Northern Moravia), October 25, 1917. He died in 2007. His father, Jan Filipek was born in Iwierzyce, Galicia and his mother, Anezka Drabkova, was born in Pencicky (from my father's birth certificate). In January 1934, his father and immediate family were deported to Poland.

Family history section

Many people want to share their family history with others and probably find someone related. I have decided to provide a space for those people whose ancestors came from Bohemia, Moravia or Silesia and who want to share their memories, family history and stories with others. 

First family history outline is from Anna Franklin from Canada, about search for her ancestors who came partially from Moravia and Poland. If you also want to share your family history with others, just send me an e-mail (my address can be found in Contact page). I'll be glad to publish it here, in this blog.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Theme for every week: Lost and Found

Many of people who are living in the Czech Republic today have their relatives over the ocean - but they are not aware about them because the family history got lost in some point and no one knows now that for example great-grandfather's brother emigrated from Bohemia to United States. I acted as a guide in few cases where people from U.S. wanted to meet their relatives here in Bohemia or Moravia. Have you ever tried to contact you relatives?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

History of villages: Hvožďany, Bohemia

Small village Hvožďany is located on the slopes of Brdy hills. Its name comes from the word hvozd which means deep forest. Hvožďany was a village of people who lived inside the forests or next to them. The name itself shows that the village is very old - such names were given to the villages in very early middle ages.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kiva: Genealogists for Families

Which help makes sense? Help to those who want to help themselves. Microloans are based on this idea - small loans to people who want to improve their business, home or farm. Team Genealogists for Families was founded on Kiva non-profit website - and you are welcome to join. You can change someone's life.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birth and baptism in Czech society

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

History of villages: Žeranovice, Moravia

Žeranovice is a small villages with just 750 inhabitants. It is located in the Zlín area, on Žeranovka creek which goes from Horní Lapač through Žeranovice to join the Racková creek. It is located in the altitude of 245 metres, just under the Hrádek hill where a gord (settlement) was located in neolithic age.