Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kiva: Genealogists for Families

Which help makes sense? Help to those who want to help themselves. Microloans are based on this idea - small loans to people who want to improve their business, home or farm. Team Genealogists for Families was founded on Kiva non-profit website - and you are welcome to join. You can change someone's life.

Well, this is a bit personal post, but I believe you will forgive me. I like to help people and I'm  supporting Czech organization People in need (they are building schools in Africa or Afghanistan),Salesians who are sending volunteers to help in Africa, organization Cesta domů (The Way Home) which is taking care for dying people...

I found Kiva website few months ago when I was searching for information about microloans. There was a TV coverage about this kind of help and I love the idea to help those who want to help themselves, who are not just waiting for help to come, but are actively doing something to be able to improve family income, to support children at school and so on. Kiva is great because small amount of money (just $25) can help. And we live in the happier part of world where we don't have so many problems with feeding ourselves and our families. 

Few days ago I found out there is a new group, Genealogists for Families - and which other group should I join? It was just clear this is the right group for me. The group motto is "We loan because we care about families (past, present and future)". And I care about the same - I lend to families who have more children (and send them to school), women who are supporting their families.

Every loan of $25 can (and will) change someone's life - it will help them to earn more, to live better, to study... And this is what makes the difference between Kiva and donations done for feeding people who are just waiting to be fed.

Do you want to help? Join the Genealogists for Families team on Kiva and help us change the lives.

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  1. Blanka, you expressed this beautifully. Thank you so much for being a part of the Genealogists for Families team.