How to begin...

Where to begin your research? There are tens of posts in this blog providing information about Czech research, archives, parish books, language, history and much more. Czech research is not too easy - foreign (and quite difficult) language, strange hand-writing, strange system... But you'll get into it, don't be afraid.

I have to warn you anyway. Genealogy is very time-consuming hobby. Really. And not only because it's hard to find the ancestors. It's an addiction. Believe me, I know what I'm writing. Even when I wasn't a professional, I was able to spend tens of hours every week researching my past - just because it was fun, because I was always learning something new, I was able to find so many things I haven't known before... Time-consuming, that's definitely the word.

But the fact you are visiting this blog shows that you are already in, right? So, where to begin your Czech research?

The answer is the same and it doesn't matter where are you from: at home. First of all, gather all the documents you are able to gather, stories your relatives are willing to tell and so on. Because first of all you have to locate a place where your ancestors were from. It's almost impossible to do any research if you don't have the correct place. Dates are not important (as they are often incorrect), names and places are. As soon as you have the place, check these blog posts:
Czech archives are providing access to the registries online. Check these blog posts which are focused on browsing the registries:
There are also few guides throu browsing systems of Czech archives:
There are also some dictionaries available:
The rest is on you. There are currently 89 posts on this blog and the number should be getting larger in future. Unfortunately there is almost no system in the posts (excluding key words) as I'm writing as it comes to my mind. Chaos - that should be my second or third name... :)


  1. Blanka, you are awesome. What would we do without you? Many things you write about it took me a LONG time to learn by myself. I know I will still learn more by reading ALL your blogs.-judi

  2. Ahoj Blani, škoda, že tady ty stránky nemají možnost volby jazyka. Moc ráda bych si je četla v češtině, s googlepřekladačem je to dost pomalé. Ale jsou úřasné. Laďka Minaříková,

    1. Ahoj Laďko, bohužel - tohle je holt blog pro zahraničí. :)

  3. Blanka, I just discovered your blog, and I wish I had done so three months ago. You are right when you say genealogy is an addiction. I've spent many, many hours researching my wife's ancestors in the village of Pitín, Moravia, near Bojkovice. Thanks to a letter from the Bojkovice Roman Catholic church, I became aware of the Moravský zemský archiv Brno. With the help of a Czech co-worker and a German handwriting expert I found on the web, I have become quite adept at reading through records dating as far back as 1768. I can now read the Czech records from the late 19th century with no trouble, but still have great difficulty with the earlier German ones. I would like to use your blog as a resource for questions I may have, but I'd also be glad to share tips on what I've learned. - Ted R, Massachusetts, USA

    1. Ted, yes, it's an addiction. And if there are such great sources available online as in case of the Czech Republic, the research is quite easy (well, I know, language, writing etc, but still - you don't have to travel!). :) Good luck in your research - and I'll be happy to answer any questions as the answers are usually useful for more people.

  4. Do you know the link (if there is one!) to look thru the parish records for: Ctiněves (a village and municipality (obec) in Litoměřice District in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic). I have not had to look thru this area and I'm not sure where to start!

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Cammi Drevo-Amezcua
    Reno, NV USA