Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Czech Archives dictionary

Not all archives have website translated into English. I've prepared a dictionary of words used on the websites so it's easier for you to search for the village, parish, record and so on. Please be aware that this dictionary is only for the archival websites, not registries and records themselves. The dictionary has two parts - dictionary itself and list of abbreviations used in archives and this blog (both Czech and English).

Please let me know if you miss here some words from Czech archival websites. Thanks!
archiv archives
archiválie archival fund
civilní civil
časový rozsah timespan
čeština Czech
číslo number
digitální digital
evangelický evangelical / protestant
fara parish
farní parish
hledat search
index index
inventární inventory
jazyk language
jiný other
katolický catholic
kopie copy
kostel church
latina Latin
matrika registry
město town
mikrofilm microfilm
místo uložení stored at
narození birth
nekatolický non-catholic
němčina German
obce municipalities
obec municipality
obsah content
oddaní marriage
okres district
poznámka note
původce author
římskokatolický roman-catholic
seznam list
signatura call-number
strana page
strany pages
typ type
úřad office
ves, vesnice village
vyhledávání search
zemřelí death
zobrazit show

List of abbreviations
Here are included both abbreviations used in archives and also this blog. If you think there is any abbreviation missing, please let me know.
abbrev. Czech meaning English meaning

č. číslo number

IN (I-N) index narozených birth index
IO (I-O) index oddaných marriage index
IZ (I-Z) index zemřelých death index
inv.č. inventární číslo inventory number

MZA Moravský zemský archiv Moravian Land Archives
N narození birth
NA Národní archiv National Archives
O oddaní marriage
SOA státní oblastní archiv state regional archives

state regional archives
sv. svazek volume
VHA Vojenský historický archiv Military Historical Archives
Z zemřelí death
ZA Zemský archiv Land Archives


  1. Blanka, thank you for posting. I will be researching my husbands Bohemian relatives. They were from Rosshaupt (Rozdov) which is close to the German border.

    They emigrated in 1869 to Pittsburgh PA USA, his great grandparents and children. Then Anton married in 1884 and in the Catholic Church records they had written the name of Rosshaupt.

    The original record on the ship listed their home as St. Catherina. Was that also a town as well as the parish in the area.

    I am enjoying your blog.

    1. Claudia, Rozvadov parish books are available online. :o) They were published few days ago!

  2. Claudia, thanks for your comment!

    Rosshaupt, correctly Rozvadov in Czech, is in Tachov district - and Svatá Kateřina (St. Catherina) is its part today. You can see the distance between the villages here:

    Rozvadov is covered by the SRA in Pilsen, but this parish (Rozvadov is also a parish) is unfortunately not yet online.

  3. Thank you Blanka, now I see that they were close communitites. It appears that Rosshaupt was larger.

    I had been looking for the records but was unable to find them. I thought it was something I was doing wrong but that is not the case. Was farming the main occupation there at the time?

  4. Great list - thank you!!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  5. Claudia, farming or glass-making in this area. Glass-making was very common here in 18th and 19th century.

    Theresa, thanks! Preparing registries dictionary, hope to have the first part finished today.

  6. I'm curious. In some records I find what I first thought was a "plus" sign (+); then I realized it was a "cross" and I assume it denotes a death, especially when a date appears with it. Am I correct? Thanks for your work on preparing the dictionaries; really useful.

  7. Hi Blanka, just had another thought. Could you provide a list of words for occupations and family relationships? Just some basic ones? I just cannot figure out the occupation in most cases in the records. I know "syn" and "dcera" but most other words just baffle me! Thanks. More work for you, I realize. (If only I'd learned Czech when I was a sister did.)

  8. Hi, this is dictionary just for websites themselves - I'm preparing another dictionary for registries. However it's taking longer than I have expected, because I'm spending most of time on finishing clients' projects right now. Anyway I hope to publish the dictionary soon!

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  10. Thank you a lot for your work. Publishing such lists of words with the translation requires a lot of time, energy, patience, and knowledge. This is great that nowadays everyone has access to any pieces of information they need. No matter what you are looking for - Checz dictionary, lyrics of a favorite song, MBA capstone project topics - what you have to do is only to open your browser and to find that.The main problem, though, is the fact that not everyone knows how to correctly find reliable and beneficial information, how to analyze that, and so on and so forth. But this is another story.