Sunday, September 18, 2011

Theme for every week...

I have decided to invite you to participate in this blog. Every week I'll publish one post, which is written by you or based on your own research. Is there anything you can't read - and it fits to one of the themes this post? Do you need something translated? Do you need an advice? Or do you want to share your story with others?

Here is a list of different themes for every week until the end of this year. Send me an e-mail to with details, screenshot from registries, old postcard or photo or any other question, story, memory which comes to your mind. Include the theme name (and week number) to the subject of the e-mail so it's easier for me to sort the contributions.
Some ideas what the themes can be about - Home Sweet Home:
Searching for a place where my ancestors were from; new home, new hope; building a house; house numbers; places of our lives; help with reading of a village name in parish record; and much more - it only depends on your fantasy.

Special thanks to Geneabloggers for the idea!

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