Saturday, October 13, 2012

Immigrants from Zděchov, Moravia

Small parish Zděchov (in fact covering just one village, Zděchov itself) is located on Czech-Slovak border in Vsetín district. It's located in the middle of Beskydy mountains, region which was left by many people because it was quite tough to live there. There are some notes about people who left to America in the registries - and here is the list.

Location of Zděchov in the Czech Republic

Mariana Hajdík, born 23rd June 1894, parents Jan Hajdík and Anna Baroňová; she married Štěpán Vocelka in 1916 in Chicago.

Františka Kocourek, born 19th October 1887, she moved to America together with her parents, Josef Kocourek and Mariana Šimková.

Josef Kocourek, born 6th July 1885, he moved to America together with her parents, Josef Kocourek and Mariana Šimková.  

Josef Pavelka, born 21st October 1889, parents Jan Pavelka and Mariana Šipinková; he was married twice and for the first time he got married in America.  

Mariana Zetka, born 30th April 1892, parents Jiří Zetka and  Mariana Baroňová; she married František Šupák in 1911 in Ellinger, Texas.

Jan Zich, born 25th December 1885, parents Jan Zich and Magdalena Kubíčková; he died in 1916 in America. 


  1. Did not realize that the Moravians in Salem, NC emigrated from Moravia. Just learning basics here. Did they come for religious reasons.

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  3. Thank you for this post on Zděchov! My grandmother Karolina (née Kocourkova) Koláček was from Zděchov.

    My grandmother married Metodej (Methodius) Koláček. Metodej (b. September 27, 1899) and Karolina (b. August 10, 1900) and two of her younger sisters Eda (b. October 15, 1909) & Antonia (b. 1911) Kocourkova emigrated to Trail, B.C., Canada in the 1920's. Karolina had two older siblings who were twins: Josef and Frances, and the youngest was a sister named Mary, who (as far as I know) remained in their home country. I have one old family photo with the 3 siblings who stayed behind. The photo includes their mother (who my mother looks like!) and a (paternal/maternal?) grandmother.

    Karolina's side of the family I have been able trace back to the mid-1800s. Metodej was born in Bratislava and his roots have been much more difficult to trace, but I keep trying.

    Because this is a small town I hope one day to visit Zděchov to see the family's home where my grandmother lived and the area where she grew up. And, it would be wonderful to meet some of the descendents from her family too.

    Best wishes from Canada.