Saturday, November 17, 2012

Months in the past

There were three different languages used in Czech registries in the past - Czech, Latin and German. This means you'll find there at least three different names used for months. Why I used "at least"? Because there are quite many other variations. Latin and German versions are similar to English, Czech name are different. And what about names as Hornung, 9ber etc.? I have prepared a table with these names to help you orientate in these names.

Latin and old German names of months. SRA Třeboň, parish Kaplice, book 18, photo 3

Czech German Latin Abbrev.   Old German
Leden Januar / Jänner   Januarius -- Eismond
Únor Februar Februarius -- Hörnung
Březen März Martius -- Lenzmond
Duben April Aprilis -- Ostermond
Květen Mai / May Maius -- Wonnemond
Červen Juni Junius -- Sommermond  
Červenec   Juli Julius -- Heumond
Srpen August Augustus -- Eredtemond
Září September September   7ber Herbstmond
Říjen Oktober October 8ber Weinmond
Listopad November November 9ber Windmond
Prosinec Dezember December 10ber Christmonat

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