Friday, April 19, 2013

Immigrants from Kuželov, Moravia

Kuželov is located in the area of Bílé Karpaty (White Carpathians) near borders between Moravia and Slovakia (formerly Upper Hungary). It always was poor region and many people left this area to search for better life across the sea. And sometimes, in some cases, there are notes about their new life in America in the registries. This blog post brings list of those who have such note and were born between 1880 and 1892.

Jan Baláž (Jan Balaz, John Balaz), born 29th October 1890, son of Martin Baláž and Anna Retl, he married Antonie Růžička, probably in America.

Kateřina Balážová (Katerina Balaz), born 3rd October 1885, daughter of Pavel Baláž and Anna Zálešák, died on 30th December 1950 in Gutenberg, U.S.

Martin Halíček (Martin Halicek), born 6th November 1889, son of Jiří Halíček and Anna Kuchinka, "in America". Record on Ellis Island.

Anežka Hránková (Anezka Hranek, Anezka Rice), born 5th May 1888, daughter of Jiří Hránka and Mariana Mrkva, married in America to Rice.

Jiří Kostelanský (Jiri Kostelansky, George Kostelansky), born 23th April 1890, son of Jan Kostelansky and Anna Baláž, "now in America". Record on Ellis Island.

Jiří Masařík (Jiri Masarik, George Masarik), born 26th November 1881, son of Martin Masařík and Kateřina Zálešák, married to Alžběta Gruna in Greensburg, U.S. in 1913.

Jiří Mička (Jiri Micka, George Micka), born 1st May 1880, son of Pavel Mička and Kateřina Zajíček, missing since 1907 in America.

Kateřina Mičková (Katerina Mickova, Catherine Micka, Catherine Sekerka), born 18th December 1888, daughter of Martin Mička and Kateřina Nálepa, she married Tomáš Sekerka in New York in 1911.

Kateřina Mlýnková (Katerina Mlynkova, Catherine Mlynek), born 9th November 1889, daughter of Jan Mlýnek and Kateřina Petříček, "in America".

Anežka Pelšáková (Anezka Pelsak), born 21st January 1884, dauther of Pavel Pelšák and Anna Dominik, married to Jan Benesovsky in New York, U.S. in 1914. 

Cyril Prášek (Cyril Prasek), born 28th June 1886, son of Pavel Prášek and Eva Okenka, married to Zuzana Lanžek in Landefon(?), America in 1911.

František Řiháček (Frantisek Rihacek, Frank Rihacek), born 1st November 1889, son of Jan Řiháček and Mariana Butora, married in 1909 "in America". Record on Ellis Island.

Jiří Sedlář (Jiri Sedlar, George Sedlar), born 21st April 1882, son of Jiří Sedlář and Alžběta Ruman, died in America.

Jiří Štica (Jiri Stica, George Stica), born 2nd November 1889, son of Martin Štica and Barbora Prášek, "in America".

František Tomeš (Frank Tomes), born 12th October 1887, son of Martin Tomeš and Anna Zálešák, died in May 1941 in America.

Anežka Zálešáková (Anezka Zalesak, Anezka Karcic), born 1st March 1887, daughter of Jan Zálešák and Anna Sedlář, married to Nikola Karčič in 1908 in New York, U.S.

Jan Zdeněk (Jan Zdenek, John Zdenek), born 13th March 1891, son of Jiří Zdeněk and Eva Januš, he married Julia Mihal in Hoboken, U.S., in 1911.


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