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History of villages: Nemějice, Bohemia

There are many small villages which has long history, but there are is just a little information published online about them. Writing a history of such village is quite complicated task and I'm trying to do my best in such tasks. One of those villages is Nemějice in Písek district - it was problem to find detailed information about this village online, but I have tried to compile at least those few notes I have found. 

Location of Nemějice in the Czech Republic (source: Mapy.cz)

Nemějice is a small village (abt 80 inhabitants in 40 houses) located in Písek district, near the road connecting Bernartice and Týn nad Vltavou. Nowadays it is part of village Slabčice which can be found about 1.5 km west from Nemějice.

Tourist map of Nemějice and Slabčice

The village was most probably founded in 13th century. It was first mentioned in the register of villages belonging to the Týn nad Vltavou domain in 1379. This domain was owned by the Prague archbishop until the beginning of 15th century when the domain was mortgaged to Prokop Čabelický from Soutice. His family owned the domain till the end of 16th century when the domain was sold to the king Rudolf II. Then was the domain given back to the Prague archbishop who owned it till the huge administrational reform in 1848. 

Nemějice followed the domain to every new owner. As is visible from the map of 1st military survey (see below), the village was still surrounded by forests in 1760. There are not so many forests in the surroundings today as the tourist map (above) shows. Nemějice was (and still is) a typical agricultural village of South Bohemia, even the fact it is located in higher altitude (abt 450 meters above the sea level). 
Nemějice on map of 1st military survey (source: Geoinformatics laboratory)

Here is information from the censuses about the number of inhabitants and houses during the years:

People 251 248 218 210 226 236 224 167 169 149 111 98 81
Houses 35 39 39 42 39 39 40 41 39 37 32 33 37
Source: Statistic book called "Historický lexikon obcí České republiky" (Historical lexicon of the Czech Republic villages)

Genealogical information
Nemějice belongs under Chrášťany parish which is under administration of SRA Třeboň. Parish books are available online: http://digi.ceskearchivy.cz/cs/4124, births from 1724 to 1904, marriages from 1724 to 1932 and deaths from 1724 to 1914. The records for Nemějice prior to 1724 were written to registries in Bernartice parish.

Surnames in Nemějice between 1724 and 1740 (excerpt from the Chrášťany birth registry):Angel, Bláha, Brom, Čuda, Dlouhý, Dráb, Fučík, Havíček, Hlavatý, Janouch, Jiskra, Kozák, Ledvina, Machovec, Málek, Marek, Nedorost, Novotný, Pavouček, Srdíčko, Studnička, Sýkora, Šedivý, Švanda, Ťupa, Vrátný, Zoufalý, Zoulek

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