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Immigrants from Tasov, Hodonín, Moravia

Tasov is another small village on Czech-Slovak borders. It's located near Strážnice, well known for its open-air museum and festival of folklore traditions. Tasov is one of those villages where it wasn't easy to live in - poor part of country on the slopes of White Carpathians where the most common way of living was agriculture. Most of the farmers here owned just a small piece of land, usually about 5 acres. Many people from here left to find their happiness across the ocean - here are those whose birth record contain a note about their emgration. The timespan covered is between 1885 and 1900.

Johana Čambalová (Johana Cambala), born 30th August 1892, daughter of Josef Čambala and Mariana Kuřinová, she married in New York, U.S., in 1915.

Jan Flora/Frola (John Flora), born on 26th August 1899, son of Florian Flora/Frola and Mariana Skalková, he married Růžena Lysáková in Chicago, U.S., in 1925.

Antonín Horňáček (Anthony Hornacek), born 14th June 1896, son of Martin Horňáček and Aloisie Strakačová, he married Anna Zalubilová in Chicago, U.S., in 1924.

Anežka Hranková (Agnes Hranek), born 18th January 1899, daughter of Martin Hranka and Alžběta Gajdošíková, she married Michal Bedrav in Berwyn, IL, U.S., in 1935. 

Josef Hudeček (Joseph Hudecek), born 13th March 1897, son of Josef Hudeček and Alžběta Falešníková, he married Alžběta Havlíková in Chicago, U.S., in 1923.

Rosalie Jochová (Rose Joch), born 1st January 1885, daughter of František Joch and Mariana Štipská, she married Jan Gajdošík "in America" in 1905. 

Cyril Kozumplík, born 5th July 1886, son of František Kozumplík and Alžběta Sedlářová, he married Mariana Stašková in Racine, Wisconsin, U.S., in 1912.

Rosalie Kozumplíková (Rose Kozumplik), born 23rd October 1891, daughter of Josef Kozumplík and Barbora Otrubová, she married Martin Kraus in New York, U.S., in 1911.

Antonín Mokroš (Anthony Mokrosh), born 8th June 1899, son of Jan Mokroš and Apolena Bílková, he married Kateřina Krausová from Hroznová Lhota "in America".

Marie Nekardová (Mary Nekarda), born 13th February 1895, daughter of Jan Nekarda and Rosalie Horňáčková, she married František Laga in New York, U.S., in 1915. See blog post Testimonium matrimonii contracti

Josef Pavlica, born 17th March 1892, son of Josef Pavlica and Mariana Koryčanská, he married in Haycock Run, Pennsylvania, U.S., in 1913.

Tomáš Pojeta (Thomas Pojeta), born 20th October 1888, son of Tomáš Pojeta and Mariana Lišková, he married Bedřiška Wernerová in New York, U.S., in 1910.

Rosalie Pojetová (Rose Pojeta), born 1st August 1886, daughter of Tomáš Pojeta and Mariana Lišková, she married František Gajdošík "in America".

Anna Slováčková (Ann Slovatshek), born 1st May 1898, daughter of Jan Slováček and Kateřina Okenková, she married Josef Řičica in Chicago, U.S., in 1923.

Jan Smetka (John Smetka), born 6th June 1888, son of Jan Smetka and Anna Svobodová, he died in New York, U.S., on 4th July 1927. 

Anna Šeráková (Ann Sherack), born 27th June 1888, daughter of Jan Šerák and Anežka Finferová, she married Josef Křivák in New York, U.S., in 1910. 

Antonie Trachtulcová (Antonia Trachtulec), born 28th April 1896, daughter of Antonín Trachtulec and Kateřina Pavlicová, she married Bartoloměj Komárek in New York, U.S., in 1915.

Antonie Zubatíková (Antonia Zubatik), born 7th August 1889, daughter of František Zubatík and Kateřina Prombířová, she married Bohumil Horecký in Chicago, U.S., in 1913.

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