Friday, June 9, 2017

Which archives to search? vol. 2

This question appears repeatingly in Czech Genealogy group on Facebook. I have village xy and I don't know in which archives to search for the parish books. I have already written a post about how to search for the proper parish in, but what if you don't have GenTeam access? 

Check in which district the village is.

One of the ways how to find which archive is the right one is to know in which district the village is located. There are 77 districts here in CZ and they are divided among 8 archives. I have prepared a list of respective archives for all the districts in the Czech Republic. 

And how to find out the district? Use Wikipedia or If you type in the village name to Wikipedia search, it will give you basic information about the village including the district in which the village can be found.

When you search in (which is great resource for all types of maps of the Czech Republic incl. historical ones), you just have to type in the village name and it will show you possible results. There is always district name shown under the result: 

Remember - there is number of villages with the same name in different districts as you can see on case of Olešná in the picture from So if you don't have names of other villages which should be in surroundings, you'll most probably have to check more archives and/or parishes. 

Good luck in your research!

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  1. I wish I wasn't so busy healthy so that I could help you. It's a difficult task to search through endless archives,