Thursday, December 4, 2014

Czech history timeline - updated

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  1. Thanks. This is great. I have St. George Catholic Kirchenbuch records of the descendants of Martin Gerstner b 1700 in (Becov Nad Teplou, Karlovy Vary, Bohemia) Petschau, Karlsbad, Bohemia, Austria. Are there any records earlier than that for residents of this vallage?
    Our family names in German are Gerstner, Haintzman, Mayer, Vogl, Gerston, Stowasser. Frank Gerstner b 1809 and wife, Maria Anna Stowasser b 1810 removed to Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA, USA about 1850.

  2. I love the drawing Blanka! What an interesting subject!

  3. I'm just now watching a show about the little ice age and they mentioned that Europe latched on to potatoes because they grew underground and therefore were not burned by the enimies. How interesting.