Saturday, April 19, 2014

Immigrants from various places (updated)

I run into evidence about immigration sometimes, often only one person from whole village. As I see it as nonsense to create a special post for such cases, I decided to create this post which I will update in cases I find some new record.

Cyrila Tomečková from Nedašov, born 3rd June 1903, parents František Tomeček and Anna Kaincová; she married František Konečný in 1925 in Chicago.

Josefa Urbánková from Starý Hrozenkov, born 29th September 1881, parents František Urbánek and Josefa Salvetová; she married Jan Springer in Schenectady, U.S. 

Josef Valenta from Liptál, born 22nd April 1903, parents Cyril Valenta and Anna Hořáková, he married Marie Blahušáková in 1925 in Chicago.

Františka Zvonková from Hostětín, born 17th November 1885, parents Josef Zvonek and Františka Běhunková; she married Martin Dvorský in Pittsburg, U.S., on 15th February 1912.


  1. I havefound, in researching a possible related line conflicting lists of depature/arrivals that cannot both be correct. Vaclav Belson(Belsan) and family members all match except youngest does not appear on one list. The lists are arrival in New York on "Polaria" 31,Aug 1885 and the other is departure from Hamburg on "California" dated 5 Sep 1885. Family memebers, gender, ages are same persons both lists.

  2. Well, it's probable that they were able to make it to ship leaving sooner - however they were still enlisted on the original ship manifest.

  3. I am researching the Basl's from Myto, Bohemia - however, I cannot find out when John Basl first came to America and on what ship. NARA does not have records for 1896 and I think that may have been the year he came over. I know he went back to see his ailing mother in 1921 and returned - but there is no record when he left Myto. Any help