Monday, February 2, 2015

Old Czech (and Slovak) postcards and photos

Those of you who are on Facebook maybe already noticed them - groups or pages focused on posting old photos, postcards, drawings and other pictures from Czech Republic (and also Slovakia). I have some of these pages as my favorites and I wanted to share them with you. There are quite many of them so I'll mention only those which I really like - and links to the rest are at the end of this blog post.

Česko na starých fotografiích
This page focuses on whole Czech Republic. Postcards and photos from all over the country from small villages to large towns. Photos are provided by various people from CR, not only by one administrator. Pictures are sorted to albums based on district they belong to. Here is a link.

Historické pohlednice - Ikonografie Moravy a českého Slezska
Those of you who have ancestors in Moravia and Silesia will love this page. It offers hundreds of old postcards and photos of places all over Moravia and Czech Silesia. And the albums are alphabetically sorted! So easy to search. Here is a link.

Historické pohlednice střední Pošumaví a Šumava
This one is focused on Šumava region. Unfortunately no sorting to albums, anyway great place for old photos from this region. Here is a link.

Stará Praha
Old Prague. What else is needed to be said? Photos, articles (ah, I know, in Czech). But those photos and postcards are just unbelievable... Here is a link.

Page (translated "Roots") which provides old photos of Slovak people. And it's wonderful. Really. Wonderful! Here is a link.

Slovensko na historických fotografiách
Last one which belongs among my favorites is focused on Slovakia (translated "Slovakia on historical photos"). I don't have ancestors from Slovakia but I really like the pics this page provides. There are quite many of them, sorted to albums by place (or district). And there are not only postcards... Here is a link.

Old Žilina

And here are some more Facebook pages:


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