Saturday, April 4, 2015

Open-air museum in Pohleď

Open-air museums are very popular part of Czech heritage. There is one called Michalův statek (Michal's farm) in Pohleď in Vysočina region, not far away from our home. They are presenting life as it was in 19th century, including local traditions. We visited it today and I made some photos there which I want to share with you.

Old school and bell tower

This gable was installed by the carpenter Slávek Slabík from Světlá on expenses of Pohleď village in year 2001, on 27th May, on Sunday before st. John's feast to the memory of Michal family who lived here as the oldest one since 1591 for next four centuries. Give God happiness to this house.

Old stove

Easter table

Pictures of saints, necessary in every catholic family

Equipment of the farmhouse

K+M+B 2015

Michal's farmhouse

 Local tradition - bearing the Winter out of the village

 Singing by the cross

Bearing the Winter out of the village