Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Dušičky (All Souls' Day)

Most people know Halloween and All Saints' Day - but for people in the Czech Republic is much more important third day of these celebrations - All Souls' Day (Dušičky in Czech). That's the day when people visit cemeteries and remember dead family members and friends. 

Candles in the Vinohrady cemetery during the All Souls' Day.

This day has very deep roots - it comes from the Celtic celebrations of Samhain. Our Celtic ancestors believed that the border between the worlds of living and dead was very thin during these days - and that it was possible to see and hear the dead. That's why they remembered and celebrated their dead during these days - to make sure they won't return. 

Christian church had to somehow incorporate these (pagan) beliefs to make it easier for people to become Christians - that's why the All Souls' Day was "invented" - people visited the cemeteries and graves of their ancestors, brought there flowers and candles to remember the dead.

For many people All Souls' time is the only time to visit the family graves. It's also my case as our family grave is in Prague and I live quite far away. I lit the candles and thought about my grandma and her parents who lived and died in Nebušice (where the grave is).

Our family grave in Nebušice.

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