Monday, January 31, 2022

Good news everyone! We are on Patreon now

For the last few months we repeatedly discussed our worries that we don't give our blog the attention it deserves. We have many ideas to write about, but each of them requires further research and we also need to do a paid work (like everyone does). As our group works very well as a cooperative community and you all look like you enjoy our blog, we decided to try Patreon and see if it could help us to create more regularly and feel more free to do so. 

You can find us here:

The main topics we want to cover each month are:

  • old spelling (and pronunciation) and other issues you may find in parish books and other sources;
  • explanations of surnames or village names;
  • everyday life of our ancestors, their customs, more about living conditions, occupations, clothing etc.;
  • information about dominions, parishes and other types of areas, either from historical and "geographical" point of view.

After hesitation we decided to use three levels of regular support - 5, 10, and 20 USD. They each have benefits of preview and early access to the posts we create, the higher two have also options to affect topics of posts and some more advantages unrelated to the blog itself.

There is also an option to support our blog via direct smaller donations, but almost nobody uses it.

We certainly don't want to force anyone to use it and we also don't want any restricted sections of our blog, we want it to be available for each researcher who needs it. So your support doesn't only help us to write more, but also allows your fellow genealogists to have access to more information.

We really don't know how this experiment will turn out, but in advance, we would like to thank everyone who decides to become our patron.

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