Thursday, September 15, 2022

Funny surnames

There is a very old blog post about how surnames were created. This blog post describes that sometimes the person received a surname which was funny because of his appearance or behaviour. 

And there are surnames which were considered funny those days - and they still exist until today and still are funny. Here are some examples of such surnames - and I hope you'll have fun reading the explanation.

Nechoďdomů - don't go home

Well. Is there any explanation needed? Maybe it was given to someone who used this phrase regularly. Or someone who didn't want to go home from?

Vosolsobě - salt it to yourself

This surname was given to millers as they had often the right to sell salt. It meant they had enough salt for their own use and used it a bit more than other people...

Skočdopole - jump to the field

Well. Someone who jumped to the field. But why, why? Was he forced to do so because he was running away from a wild boar and hid in the field? Or was he hiding because of the military recruitment? Or some other reason? Let your imagination find other reasons!

Vozihnoj - the one who carries the manure

The manure was very precious commodity. Really. It was. It added nutrients to the soil which were highly needed to have good harvest. The first one who got this surname was known for carrying (hauling) the manure frequently...

Nejezchleba - don't eat bread

Well, well, well. It seems there was someone who didn't want to eat the bread. Maybe he expected something better? Or was it someone who said this sentence often - the bread was expensive and our ancestors ate usually some mash or porridge and not bread...

Rádsetoulal - he liked to wander

Did he spent days out of the town/village? Wandering around the countryside? Or was his mind wandering around, thinking about something completely different than his work? 

Mrtvý - dead

Was he said to be dead - and then appeared again in the town, alive and healthy? Or did he look like a dead person, walking around all pale and way to skinny? 

Cotobědotoho - why do you care

I think I know exactly how this surname originated. The one who got it was asked by someone what's his name. And he answered something like "Why do you care? It's none of your business!" And there you are, new surname is here.

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  1. Mrtvý is sure an interesting name! Then again...some of my ancestors came from the village of Záhrobí, which has to do with crypts and burials, so... add that to the list of weird names. :)