Saturday, November 10, 2012

Czech book about genealogy

I haven't posted here for quite a long time and I owe you explanation. Well - I have spent last couple of weeks on finishing a book about Czech genealogy called "Let's create your family tree" (Sestavte si rodokmen in Czech. It was published in one of the largest publishing houses in the Czech Republic and I hope it will sell well. :)

This book doesn't have English translation - I would like to add "yet" but first of all I need to find a publisher in U.S. And I hope to find one - but I'll start the search in 2013 as there are way too many projects to be finished till Christmas.


  1. Congratulations Blanka! What an accomplishment for a young woman who is doing so many things and has a young family. You should be very proud.

    I wish, of course, for an English translation asap, but I understand that will take time. I hope it becomes a mega-blockbuster in the CR.

  2. Congratulations!! I hope someday it's in English, too, but for now I hope many people buy the original. :)

  3. How will it be available for purchase?

    1. Well, if you want one in Czech, I can try to find some store in U.S. which would buy few pieces of the book. Or I can send it directly to you, the price would be abt 17 USD (book + postage fees).

    2. There is a website in Canada that sells many Czech books.

      Perhaps they would buy a few copies and make them available.

  4. How exciting, Blanka! I'm really happy for you, and impressed at how much you're able to get done while taking care of your little girls. I would also be a customer whenever your book becomes available in English - I'm thinking positive by saying "when" not "if". Hope you sell lots of books.