Friday, May 9, 2014

Funeral Card Friday: Czech funeral notes in newspapers

First blog post ever in "daily blogging promtps" from Geneabloggers. My oldest daughter is sick so I'm spending most of the day with easy work which doesn't need much of concentration. This also includes research in newspapers which are available online in Kramerius system of the Czech National Library.

One of today's tasks was research of Karas family tree - one of the projects I'm currently working on. The family has very interesting past including people with the highest (university) level of education. This fact brings more possibilities in the research - and also more resources online. I decided to check the Kramerius system for Jindřich Karas, doctor of medicine, born in 1874 in Polná. 

And this is where Funeral Card Friday comes in place - I was lucky enough to find his father's funeral announcement in the Národní politika newspapers in 1903. And this is how the announcement looks like:

Jindřich Karas is mentioned in bottom right corner - MUDr. Jindřich Karas, lékař v Třebíči (doctor in Třebíč). His brother Jaroslav is also mentioned - Jaroslav Karas, právní praktikant u krajského soudu v Kutné Hoře (legal trainee by the regional court in Kutná Hora). Also Jindřich's (and Jaroslav's) mother Josefa, wife of Jan, and Jindřich's wife Ella (born Weidenhofferová) and their son Jan (Jeníček). 

It also gives other information - that MUDr. Jan Karas was imperial-royal district doctor, owner of the "golden meritorious cross with crown", badge of honour given to those who had large contribution to the monarchy. He died on 16th February 1903 at 2:30 PM when he was 59 years old. The burial took place on 19th February at 3 PM in Německý (today Havlíčkův) Brod. 

Well, quite much information about the deceased and his family in one small announcement, right? So if your Czech ancestors were doctors, lawyers, officers, clerks - it's always worth a try to search the newspapers. :)


  1. Wonderful find Blanka. Thank you.

  2. Interesting! Could you please explain the steps to searching in Kramerius and also what would be the most recent years that would be available. Thank you

    1. I'm preparing a blog post about Kramerius system - hope to finish it after the census posts.