Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Czechia or Czech Republic?

I had two encounters with this word lately and I think this topic also belongs here... :)

Short name Czechia [ˈtʃɛkiə] is the official shortened name of the Czech Republic since May 2016. Since then, this name is used by Google, CIA World Factbook, institutions of the European Union and many other authorities. 

Many Czechs don't like this name (or its Czech version, Česko) because it is too near to Čechy, which is just one of the parts of the Czech Republic (or Czechia, if you want). One of the other reasons we don't like the name is the fact it's often confused with... Chechnya. And we don't like being called Chechnya.

And last, but not least: We are also not Czechoslovakia anymore (since 1993) even the fact we still like our Slovak brothers. And you should remember this when visiting the Czech Republic. ;)


  1. Wrong question, both names are official and correct. The Czech Republic is the formal one and was confused with the Chechen Republic at Boston bombing. So the republic is of no help.
    Simple rule, in cases where you would use Slovakia or France, use Czechia.
    If you would work in diplomatic protocol, use the Slovak Republic, the French Republic and the Czech Republic.

    More information www.goczechia.com

  2. Very Interesting and educational too.

  3. There is also the fact that it sounds really stupid in English, plus it makes one wonder if the real axe being grinded here is the socialist agenda of the EU, with their hatred fo the concept of a Republic and all that it confers on the people.

  4. I am fine with Czechia. It doesn't take up so much space on a line and is quicker to write. Efficiency and economy in wording is a virtue in my opinion.