Monday, October 21, 2019

CGSI Conference 2019

I just returned back home to the Czech Republic from the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International Conference 2019, which took place in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was a wonderful place for anyone interested in the Czech and Slovak genealogy. Lectures, workshops, networking sessions, kroj parade, koláče, tours, research sessions, vendors...All you can imagine when you say "a genealogical conference". 

I had four presentations, two of them about old Czech maps, one about traps of Czech spelling and one about the household surnames. And also number of individual research sessions during which we were able to find a lot of information about different families from Bohemia and Moravia.

It was wonderful to meet new people (usually those I know just from the internet) - Kate Challis, Karen Grohol, Jan Dus, Mary Sramek Levesque, T.J. Slansky, Linda Taborek and a number of others. And I was so happy to meet Jerry and Marlene Martinek, Kevin Hurbanis, Paul Makousky, Carol Smetana, Pat Slaber, Anna Cooková or Suzette Steppe again.


See you all in Milwaukee in two years!


  1. Great to see you again, Blanka. Thank you for your presentations, your great energy, and for helping me find some ancestors.

    1. Thanks, Kevin! I'm happy I met you again - and hope to see you when you visit Slovakia and the Czech Republic. :)