Monday, October 28, 2019

Wilber Czech Museum

As visiting Wilber, NE, we had a chance to visit the Wilber Czech Museum - Karen who took us to Wilber, was able to setup a meeting with one of the administrators of the Museum so they opened it for us.

The Museum has a wonderful collection of all things somehow connected to the Czech past of the area. Traditional costumes (kroje), portraits, photos, documents, pottery, furniture, medals, postcards, family histories... All you would expect from such museum.

The Museum is located in three stories of its building, which was donated to the purpose of the Museum foundation by Milo and Lillian Stastny (Šťastný) in 1965. You'll see school class, grocery store or even dentist's room there. 

Local collection of the traditional costumes (kroje in Czech) is really impressive. You will see costumes from many different places in the current Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia.  

If you plan to visit Wilber, don't forget to visit the Museum. It's really worth it!

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  1. While you are there, buy "Frank's Wilber: The early days of the Czech Capital of Nebraska (as told by Frank J. Sadilek)" My great-great-grandfather's reminiscences augmented by explanatory information and relevant pictures. All proceeds to the Nebraska Czechs of Wilber. I wrote it and gave the rights to them. Over 300 copies sold!