Monday, August 8, 2022

How important is religion for Europeans?

Religion and the church are very important for people in the U.S. To cite Wikipedia article about the U.S. and religion

In one 2020 survey, about 65% of Americans report that religion plays an important or very important role in their lives, 43% report attending religious services at least monthly, 61% report praying weekly or more and 90% believe in God proportions which are unique among developed countries.

As I have already mentioned in the blog post Czechs and religion which I wrote some 7 years ago, religion is not anymore important part of our everyday lives. And today I found this map which shows the importance of religion in the European countries - and the Czech Republic is not the only country which is not religious at all...

The map is based on a research which is 4 years old - and I suppose latest events such as covid pandemic situation, the war in Ukraine and the current rate of inflation could have changed the numbers a bit. We will see when some other research is available...

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