Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Immigrants from Vlčnov, Moravia, 1890-1900

Vlčnov in Moravia - small town well know thanks to the local folklore traditions. Local "Ride of Kings" is great event visited by many people not only from Vlčnov surroundings, but from whole Czech Republic. But life here wasn't easy - and many young people emigrated. Here is another extract from parish books concerning notes about people who left Moravia and went overseas.

The names are listed alphabetically by surname. Links lead to the Moravian Land Archives to the parish book page where birth record for the person is written. Only those who had a note by their name about marriage or death in U.S. (or other American country) are listed. There surely were more people from this village leaving to U.S., but there is no evidence about it in the parish book.

Two different parish books from Moravian Land Archives were used (no. 12335 and 12336) and time period of 1890 to 1900 was covered.
Note: Names are written with diacritics, but I have added possible translation of the first name and transcription without diacritics because of the search engines.
František Ančinec (Frank Ancinec), born 11th May 1895, parents František Ančinec and Filomena Moštková, he married N. Mattal in Racine, U.S., in 1918.
Anna Bařina (Barina), born 9th January 1892, parents Jan Bařina and Anna Moštková, she married Rudolf Simanek in Racine, U.S., in 1916. 
František Bařina (Frank Barina), born 15th August 1900, parents Jan Bařina and Anna Moštková, "in America".
Josef Bařina (Barina), born 10th August 1894, parents Jan Bařina and Anna Moštková, he married Josefa Kaisler in Racine, U.S., in 1922.
Vincenc Bařina (Barina), born 18th January 1897, parents Jan Bařina and Anna Moštková, he married Frantiska Kuzela (see below) in Racine, U.S., in 1919.
Anna Kašpařík (Ann Kasparik), born 3rd July 1895, parents František Kašpařík and Mariana Jančová, she married Frantisek Rauzena in Racine, U.S., in 1916.
Karel Klabačka (Carl, Charles Klabacka), born 10th October 1891, parents František Klabačka and Anna Pavelčíková, he married Zofie Bradac in Racine, U.S., in 1915.
Josef Knotek (Joseph), born 11th February 1890, parents Martin Knotek and Anna Hýblová, he married Mariana Votava in Racine, U.S., in 1911, and Marie Pavelcik (see below, Marie Kralicek, widowed) in Racine, U.S., in 1948.
Antonín Králíček (Anton Kralicek), born 27th July 1896, parents Jiří Králíček and Rosalie Chvílíčková, he married Marie Buran in Racine, U.S., in 1921.
Jan Králíček (John Kralicek), born 25th October 1900, parents František Králíček and Marie Moštková, "in America".
Jiří Josef Králíček (Georg Joseph Kralicek), born 18th March 1900, parents Jiří Králíček and Rosalie Chvílíčková, "in America".
Marie Králíček (Mary Kralicek), born 21st October 1900, parenst Jan Králíček and Marie Moštková, she married Josef Pavelcik (see below) in Racine, U.S., in 1929, and Josef Knotek (see above) in Racine in 1948.
Vincenc Křapa (Krapa), born 4th April 1896, parents Josef Křapa and Mariana Chvílíčková, he married in Argentina in 1935.
Františka Kučera (Franziska Kucera), born 1st April 1892, parents Josef Kučera and Josefa Lučková, she married Antonin Hladis in Racine, U.S., in 1911. 
Františka Kužela (Franziska Kuzela), born 14th October 1897, parents František Kužela and Marie Chvílíčková, she married Vincenc Barina (see above) in Racine, U.S., in 1919.
Anna Lukáš (Ann Lukas), born 16th February 1898, parents Šimon Lukáš and Magdalena Štefaníková, she married Jan Groulik in Racine, U.S., in 1925.
Františka Moštek (Franziska Mostek), born 8th January 1899, parents František Moštek and Kateřina Jančová, she married Julius Kozel in Racine, U.S., in 1919.
Josef Pavelčík (Josef Pavelcik), born 6th March 1895, parents Jan Pavelčík and Marie Moštková, he married Marie Kralicek (see above) in Racine, U.S., in 1929.
Jakub Prchlík (Jacob Prchlik), born 22nd July 1900, parents Tomáš Prchlík and Anna Chvílíčková, "in America".
Františka Solík (Franziska Solik), born 26th March 1891, parents Jan Solík and Mariana Koníčková, she got married in Racine, U.S., in 1914.
Jan Vaňhara (John Vanhara), born 27th September 1891, parents František Vaňhara and Mariana Indrová, he married Terezie Lukes in Iowa in 1910.
Františka Zemek (Franziska), born 5th April 1892, parents František Zemek and Mariana Starobová, she married Josef Bartek in Racine, U.S., in 1910.
Vincenc Zemek, born 2nd November 1899, parents Jan Zemek and Viktorie Vašíčková, he married Marie Schiller in Racine, U.S., in 1923.


  1. I am interested how in how the information about marriages or deaths in the U.S. would have made it into the parish records. Would the parish have been informed by family members who did not emigrate but were in contact with family members in the US?

    Dave Kucera
    Tucson Arizona

    1. Hi Dave, the parish administrator (vicar) where someone got married usually sent a note to the parish where the person was born about the marriage. It seems that there was quite busy communication between parish in Racine and in Vlcnov about the marriages.