Monday, July 2, 2012

Immigrants from Kněždub

I was just browsing the Ellis Island records today, checking for people from Moravia who immigrated to the U.S. And I noticed four young gentlemen age 18 to 22 years immigrating from village Kněždub in Hodonín district, Moravia. I decided to check the birth parish book for further details on them (just for fun) - and I discovered people below also left Moravia.

The names are listed alphabetically by surname. Links lead to the Moravian Land Archives to the parish book page where birth record for the person is written. Only those who had a note by their name about marriage or death in U.S. are listed. There surely were more people from this village leaving to U.S., but there is no evidence about it in the parish book.
Note: Names are written with diacritics, but I have added possible translation of the first name and transcription without diacritics because of the search engines.

Mariana Bačík (Mariana Bacik, Mary Ann), born 20th November 1894, parents Jiří Bačík and Alžběta Chudíček, she married Josef Petrucha in New York in 1924.

František Dula (Frantisek, Frank), born 28th January 1885, parents Jan Dula and Anna Zubalík, he married Marie Michalek in Allegheny in 1910.
Frantisek left together with his older brother Joseph.

Josef Gerstberger (Joseph), born 2nd February 1899, died 14th May 1937 in New York, parents Ferdinand Gerstberger and Antonie Zubatý.

Jan Křižan (John Krizan), born 30th August 1896, died 28th June 1918 in Lansing, Michigan, parents Antonín Křižan and Marie Frolka.

Josef Pekárek (Joseph Pekarek), born 16th August 1892, died May 1912 in "America", parents Jan Pekárek and Karolína Venclík.

Anna Petrucha, born 15th July 1893, parents Josef Petrucha and Mariana Kozák, she married Jan Jagoš in New York in 1921.
There were more members of Petrucha family from Knezdub who left Moravia. 

Martin Šantavý, born 22th September 1878, died 29th November 1904 in Allegheny, parents Jan Šantavý and Mariana Křižan.
Whole Santavy family emigrated later, Martin was the first one who left Moravia.

Jiří Štipský (Jiri Stipsky, George), born 3rd October 1889, parents Jiří Štipský and Anežka Chudíček, he married Appolonia Jirasek in Savannah, Illinois in 1913.
Jiri emigrated together with his brother Josef, born 1884, who later returned back to Moravia.


  1. Thanks for the information on the villages! Could you please do a write-up on Dolni Bojanovice? My Mom was born there in 1924. Your posts with the surnames is very helpful. Judy from Canada

    1. Hi Judy,
      well I have checked parish books for Dolní Bojanovice but I wasn't successful in finding any notes regarding emigrants. Local priest was probably not willing to note such things down.

    2. Thanks very much Blanka for the reply! I really enjoy your blog and check it daily. Have a great day!! Judy

  2. My grandmother was Marie Petrucha from Strážnice. She emigrated in 1905 to Cleveland. Her ancestors came from Knezdub in the 1700s. Is the name Petrucha distinctive to Slovacko? Is Peterson a fair translation of the name? Thanks. Mike