Saturday, July 5, 2014

Immigrants from Nedašov, Moravia

Nedašov is one of those villages which are mentioned in the Immigrants from various place blog post. I however found out there are few more notes in older records mentioning someone "in America", so I decided to write a blog post for Nedašov itself. I added few records extracted from Ellis Island database to have more data. If you are interested in Jakubík family from this village, this blog post is exactly for you. :)

The village is located in Eastern Moravia, in Zlín district. It has about 1450 inhabitants today and is located near the Czech-Slovakian border in Bílé Karpaty mountains. Again - poor region which was left by many because of this fact.

Nedašov by O. F. Krajíček
Birth records notes:
František Kolínek (Frank Kolinek), born 22nd December 1891, son of Josef Kolínek and Marie Ptáčková; "deceased in America".

Josef Kozubík (Joseph Kozubik), born 31st May 1892, son of Josef Kozubík and Marie Matúšů; "in America".

František Pacík (Frank Pacik), born 31st July 1892, son of Jan Pacík and Anna Matúšková; "deceased in America".

František Tomeček (Frank Tomecek), born 4th January 1892, son of František Tomeček and Anna Kainzová; "deceased in America".

Ellis Island records:
Anna Fojtík, 19 years, immigrated in 1910 - her mother mentioned as Anna Fojtík from Nedašov; fits Anna Fojtík, born 19th February 1891, daughter of Martin Fojtík and Anna Řeháková.

Pavel Jakubík and his family
This is a bit of story. When I searched for possible families from Nedašov, I bumped into this site on Ellis Island - passenger list from November 1912. Listed are:
  • Jakubik, Frantiska, 34y
  • Jakubik, Jan, 9y
  • Jakubik, Helena, 4y 6m
  • Jakubik, Kristina, 1y 6m
Husband/father Pavel Jakubik, 664 Park Lane, Milwaukee is listed as the relative or friend they are going to join in U.S.

I searched for Jan Jakubík in Nedašov parish book and it listed me Jan Jakubík, born 5th May 1902, son of Pavel Jakubík and Františka Vaňková. As the birth registry ends in 1903, no other listed children were found. As the youngest was just 1,5 years old, I supposed the father left some time after her birth (or even before it) to find a better living for his family in U.S.

I found Pavel's passenger record in 1910 - he came to Ellis Island on board of Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse on 1st November 1910, so he left Moravia before Kristina's birth. He came alone and his wife Františka is listed as the nearest person in home country.

Of course I had to check if there are any other records available in U.S. databases - and I found out 1920 census record from Riverton, Mason, Michigan, United States. It lists: 
  • Paul Jakubik, 44 years, born in Bohemia (see his birth record)
  • Frances Jakubik, 43 years, born in Bohemia
  • Helen Jakubik, 13 years, born in Bohemia
  • Kristina Jakubik, 9 years, born in Bohemia
  • Frances Jakubik, 5 years, born in Wisconsin
  • Mary Jakubik, 2 years, born in Wisconsin
  • Annie Jakubik, 0 years, born in Michigan
See? No Moravia anymore. Bohemia. Have to write a blog post about it.

So, know of anyone interested in Jakubik family history? Maybe this would be interesting for them too... 


  1. Very interesting about Moravia becoming Bohemia in the census records. My grandmother, Mary Drapal, always said she was from Moravia, and sure enough, she was born in Popuvky near Brno. My grandfather, Prokup Kucera, always said that his family were Bohemians when in fact our Kucera line were from Radesin in the district of Zdar nad Sazavou. The family had been in Radesin since at least 1690. I have also noticed in U.S. Census records that we seen Bohemia listed often, but Moravia hardly ever.

    1. David, I've prepared a blog post about Bohemia - Moravia mismatch. It will be online on Monday. :)

  2. I've recently started researching my family line in Nedasov via Actapublica. It appears that the records from around 1680-1760 are missing. Do you know of any other records that might give some genealogical clues for this area during this time period?

    1. Nedašov for those years is under Brumov na Vláře.

  3. I am looking into family records from 1910-1925 emigrated to Canada. Any suggestions. They were from Orava. Thats all I know. Thank you in advance.

    1. I forgot to mention the names, My grandfather was Andrew Fillo, born September 9, 1896. My grandmother was Catherine Fillo (Shilega), born July 25 or 26, 1900. I think they were both from Orava, village or province, I am not sure. My anthropology professor says that there is an Orava province as well as an Orava village. Wish I knew more.

    2. Yeah, Orava is in Slovakia.

      Good luck with your search!

  4. I am looking for the Weiss and Horzinek families from this area and I have a picture that has Zlin on it. They immigrated in 1913. They were my grandparents.

  5. My family came from the Kluky-Brezi area in 1872 and settled in Saline County, Nebraska

  6. I am hoping that someone here can help me solve a mystery. The mystery is my great grandmother, Johanna Fojtek. I have her birth as May 27, 1864 in Moravia Austria. She immigrated through Galveston in 1883 from Bremen on the Weser. She married Jan(john) Gurecky in Fayette County, Texas on September 30, 1884. Johanna and John moved to Milam COunty, Texas where she died in 1930. My mystery is where she was born and her parents name. Her parents name are not listed on anything that I have seen.