Thursday, November 20, 2014

SRA Prague: Map of digitized parishes

State Regional Archives in Prague published a map where already digitized Roman catholic parishes are marked. You can find the map on their website. The map shows digitized parishes in yellow color - parish books from these parishes can be found on

State Regional Archives in Prague is publishing newly digitized parish books from time to time (currently every two months) and this map should be updated every time there are new parish books available for researchers.

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  1. These maps are very useful! And the archives are wonderful. It is amazing to me still that I can sit down in my own house and read all of these records, especially since my father spent so much effort over the years to find out tiny handfuls of information about his family.

    A question for you--do you know if there were any records kept on innkeepers? The earliest-back ancestor on one line was an innkeeper in Řesanice (near Kasejovice, on the borders of the Plzen archive). When her daughter married, the parent of the bride was listed only as "Anna the innkeeper at Řesanice." I do have some family on a different line who were also innkeepers in the same village, so of course I suspect a connection. Was there ever a record kept of innkeepers? (I am guessing they would not actually own the inn, but only lease it somehow from the estate, right?)