Friday, March 30, 2018

Josef Lada: Easter

Josef Lada is tightly connected to the Czech Easter traditions as he painted some of the most favorite Easter postcards we have here in the Czech Republic. 

Here are some of this paintings - they often show us a caroller (or more carollers) with pomlázka (a braided whip made from pussywillow twigs), a women giving him an egg or girl(s) running away. I wrote a blog post about Easter Monday traditions three years ago, here it is: Easter Monday.

The next picture shows mixture of spring and Easter photos - geese herding, the village where Lada lived during the spring, making wreaths from spring flowers, playing a flute made out of willow twig together with carolling and clapping during the time when bells have flown to Rome...

And now a bit about Josef Lada. He was born in December 1887 in Hrusice house no. 15 to shoemaker Josef Lada and his wife Alžběta born Janovská. His father was an illegitimate child of Anna Lada, daughter of Jan Lada, reeve (rychtář) of Hrusice. Here is his birth record: 

 State Regional Archives in Prague, Hrusice parish, book no. 11, page 147.

Many of his paintings show the house where he was born. It was a cottage typical to the rural area around Prague in 19th century. Here is a photo and a painting of it: 

There is Josef Lada museum in Hrusice and also trails in the surroundings of Hrusice showing for example characters from his books (Mikeš the cat and many more). If you are interested in works of Josef Lada, definitely visit website


  1. I love Josef Lada. Have a collection of his works on Pinterest. Gave a calendar with his works to my 96 year old Bohemian cousin who treasures it. Her mother was Bohemian and Jo remembers some of the language.

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