Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Immigrants from Drahenice and Draheničky, Bohemia

It is not too common to find notes about emigration in registries from Central Bohemia. But I happened to run into several families from Drahenice, Příbram district, which have a small note written in the birth records of their children. And you can find a list of those children in this blog post.

Americam migravit - migrated to America

Beneš family I - father Jan Beneš, mother Marie nee Trach (Drahenice)
  • Adolf, born 8th September 1857
  • Josef, born 6th September 1852
Beneš family II - father Jan Beneš, mother Marie nee Kuděj (Drahenice)
  • Josef, born 1th August 1865
Bláha family - father Vojtěch Bláha, mother Josefa nee Peroutka (Drahenice)
  • Marie, born 10th August 1863
Cihla family - father Jan Cihla, mother Marie nee Kozdera (Drahenice)
  • František, born 10th April 1862
  • Ignác, born 7th August 1865
  • Jan, born 14th May 1853
  • Marie, born 21st April 1855
  • Václav, born 29th August 1857
Kuděj family - father Jan Kuděj, mother Marie nee Vondášek (Drahenice)
  • Anastazie, born 25th February 1864
  • Anna, born 7th December 1861
  • Barbora, born 19th December 1859
  • Jan, born 8th June 1852
  • Josef, born 25th February 1857 
  • Josefa, born 20th March 1850
  • Matěj, born 20th February 1855
Procházka family - father Ignác Procházka, mother Marie nee Kolman (Drahenice)
  • Barbora, born 2nd October 1846
  • Josefa, born 19th March 1851
Stýbal family - father František Štýbal, mother Anastazie nee Kopáček (Drahenice)
  • Anastazie, born 2nd October 1865
  • František, born 27th September 1857
  • Ignác, born 18th July 1863
  • Josefa, born 6th March 1861
  • Václav, born 5th September 1855
Štěrba family - father Václav Štěrba, mother Terezie nee Huleš (Drahenice)
  • Jan, born 26th April 1859
  • Josef, born 15th July 1863
Tintěra family - father František Tintěra, mother Anna nee Dupáč (Drahenice)
  • Anna, born 11th June 1846
  • Marie, born 17th August 1851
  • Václav, born 26th November 1848
Trach family - father František Trach, mother Kateřina nee Ligr (Drahenice)
  • Josef, born 16th November 1851
  • Kateřina, born 30th November 1849
Záluský family - father Jan Záluský, mother Marie nee Penička (Draheničky)
  • František, born 30th August 1849
  • Jan, born 15th May 1847
  • Josef, born 21st August 1845


  1. I have looked at baptism records from a lot various different parishes and some have information added like when the person was married, when or if they immigrated and others have nothing. I guess it depends on how diligent the priest was.

    1. HI Michael, yes, exactly - it depends only on the priest. If he was diligent, he was recording every marriage or death also to the birth registry. And such priests are treasure!

  2. My last name is Posival and my family immigrated to America in the early 1900s. My great grandfather's name was Leopold C Posival and grandmother Kundagunda Posival. I cannot find much information past the immigration papers from New York.

  3. I just discovered that Josefa Kudej family is my great-great grandmother. The spelling we have for them is different, but the birthdates match as do the parent names (they were changed upon coming to the United States). She married Frank Pekarek in Iowa (he was also born in Bohemia) and she changed the spelling of her name to Josephine Anna Kudje. She was born March 20, 1850 in Drahemia (this is how it is spelled in the records I have). Her parents were John Kudje and her mother's name was Marie Vandraske.

    1. Yay, I was sceptical if there is ever going to appear someone who is related to the people listed. I'm so happy you find this blog and your ancestors here!

  4. THANK YOU for the blog1
    The Trach family , Frantisek and Katerina (Legro from Mirovice) Trach are my husband's great, great grandparents by their daughter, Katerina.She married John Manderfeld here in Minnesota.Her aunt, Cecilia Legro was married also to a John Manderfeld.Back to Katerina, we did not know her birthdate so thank you! I will contact you on your professional site. I just googled the town name Drahenice and your blog was one of the results, a very nice surprise! Mary Manderfeld

  5. Looking for information on Bezemek origin and other info.