Saturday, September 15, 2012

Immigrants from Velká nad Veličkou, Moravia

Even the fact that Velká nad Veličkou is quite large, there are just few notes about immigrants in the registry from 1875 to 1885. But even these few notes can lead us to other families which were somehow connected to those mentioned below. There are, for example, many more Slováks in the Ellis Island database...

Eva Horňáček (Eva Hornacek), born 7th July 1879, parents Jiří Horňáček and Alžběta Vaněk, she married Matěj Švrček in Toledo, Ohio, in 1909. 

Pavel Janas (Paul Janas), born 6th January 1883, parents Pavel Janas and Anna Braniš, he died "in America". 

Jan Slovák (John Slovak), born 13th June 1885, parents Martin Slovák and Alžběta Leška, he married Anna Štefánek in Beaver Falls, PA, in 1911. 

Anežka Vachun (Agnes Vachun), born 21st December 1881, parents Martin Vachun and Alžběta Tomčala, she died "in America" in 1906.

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