Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Immigrants from Hroznová Lhota, Moravia

Another village on Czech-Slovak borders, area, which was often left by young people looking for better future. There are just few notes in the registries between 1880 and 1900, but these notes will one day probably help someone in his search for ancestors...

Marie Bartošková (Mary Bartosek), born 15th April 1894, parents Jan Bartošek and Antonia Lukeš, she married Tomáš Talach in Chicago in 1916.

Alžběta Fialová (Elisabeth Fiala), born 15th October 1895, parents František Fiala and Alžběta Malář, she married Martin Minařík in New York in 1915. 

Rosalie Jochová (Rose Joch), born 18th September 1894, parents František Joch and Apolena Staša, she married Josef Petrucha in Chicago in 1924.

Martin Kraus, born 3rd November 1883, parents František Kraus and Barbora Máchal, he married in Neo Eboraci "America) in 1911.

František Laga (Frank Laga), born 4th December 1889, parenst Martin Laga and Alžběta Úprka, he married in 1915 in New York. 

Mariana Lagová (Mary Ann Laga), born 16th March 1892, parents Martin Laga and Alžběta Úprka, she married in 1915 in New York.

Mariana Michálková (Mary Ann Michalek), born 3rd November 1886, parents František Michálek and Kateřina Koryčanský, she married František Dula in 1910 in Allegheny.

Josef Petrucha (Joseph Petrucha), born 22nd February 1891, parents František Petrucha and Alžběta Šrámek, he married Rosalie Jochová in Chicago in 1924.

Tomáš Talach (Thomas Talach), born 27th February 1886, parents Pavel Talach and Kateřina Burešová, he married Marie Krbcová in Chicago in 1909 and Marie Bartošková in Chicago in 1916.


  1. I love your blog.
    My paternal grandmother was Moravian. Her mother was Annie Marie "Mary" (Dudika/Dudik) born 7 June 1867 in Hroznova, Lhota, Moravia. Daughter of Tomas Dudika/Dudik and Evy Chlevestanove. She married Jan "John" Mazac in 1884 in Moravia. They emigrated to USA in 1891 from New York to Texas. She died on 21 March 1939 in Granger, Williamson County, Texas.
    Thanks for posting, Sally



  2. Can I add my family to your list?

    Anton Krivak, his wife Anna (nee Sramek) and their daughter Marie immigrated to the US around 1914. The Krivak family settled in Elmer, MN.

    Marie was born on December 10, 1907. She moved to Chicago where she married Jerry Novacek.They lived in Cicero, IL.

    Anton and Anna had 2 additional children after they arrived in the US. Their children were Anton (wife Dell Carroll) and Lillian (husband Stan Koblynski). Tony lived in Hood River, OR. Lillian lived in the Milwaukee, WI area.

  3. My mathernal grandfather is a Laga from Chicago. His father, John, and grandfather, Anton Laga emigrated from Blatnice. Anton later went back to Blatnice, but we don't have a death record. Any advice?