Saturday, September 17, 2011

Czech Archives overview

There are eight archives where the catholic and evangelistic registries (parish books) are stored. All these archives are open to public and you can visit them Monday to Thursday (Friday is dedicated to scientists).
Here is the list:
  • Prague City Archives
  • State Regional Archives in Prague
  • State Regional Archives in Litomerice
  • State Regional Archives in Plzen (Pilsen)
  • State Regional Archives in Trebon
  • State Regional Archives in Zamrsk
  • Moravian Land Archives in Brno
  • Land Archives in Opava
The map below shows how these archives cover current Czech Republic:

There are also two special archives - National Archives in Prague where jewish registries are stored and Military Historical Archives which stores military registries.

Prague City Archives
covers the area of the capital city Prague. It had about 200 thousands inhabitants in 1869 and 700 thousands in 1921 and the number was dynamically growing year to year. Searching your ancestors in Prague could be very complicated if the only thing you know is that they were born in "Prague". Inner Prague had about 30 parishes, outer Prague had 39 parishes. I think you can imagine what would it mean to search each parish... As this is only an overview we will return to Prague Archives in future and go deeper.

State Regional Archives in Prague
covers central Bohemia, districts of Benesov, Beroun, Kladno, Kolín, Kutná Hora, Melnik, Mlada Boleslav, Nymburk, Prague-west, Prague-east, Pribram and Rakovnik. The archives is located in the same object as the Prague City Archives, but the archives are two different organisations.

State Regional Archives in Litomerice
covers northern and part of western Bohemia. You can find parish books from districts Ceska Lipa, Chomutov, Decin, Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec, Litomerice, Louny, Most, Semily, Teplice and Usti nad Labem there. This archives cover large part of Sudetenland where native German people lived until the end of WWII. Archives building is located in the center of Litomerice.

State Regional Archives in Pilsen
covers western Bohemia, districts Cheb, Domazlice, Karlovy Vary, Klatovy, Pilsen (town), Pilsen-south, Pilsen-north, Rokycany, Sokolov and Tachov. Quite many people immigrated to U.S. from the Pilsen area (as shows the fact that a part of Chicago was called Pilsen). Archives is located near to the Pilsen centre.

State Regional Archives in Trebon
covers southern Bohemia and part of Vysocina region. The districts covered by this archives are: Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov, Jindrichuv Hradec, Pelhrimov, Pisek, Strakonice and Tabor. There were quite many Germans living in the Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov and Jindrichuv Hradec region before the resettlement of Germans after the WWII. The archives is located in the beautiful Trebon chateau.

State Regional Archives in Zamrsk
covers eastern Bohemia and part of Vysocina region. Districts covered are: Chrudim, Havlickuv Brod, Hradec Kralove, Jicin, Nachod, Pardubice, Rychnov nad Kneznou, Svitavy, Trutnov and Usti nad Orlici. The archives is located in chateau in small village in eastern Bohemia.

Moravian Land Archives in Brno
covers southern and central Moravia, parts of Vysocina region and eastern Moravia, district Blansko, Breclav, Brno-town, Brno-surroundings (venkov), Hodonin, Jihlava, Kromeriz, Prostejov, Trebic, Uherske Hradiste, Vyskov, Zdar nad Sazavou, Zlin and Znojmo. The archives is situated near Brno campus in very modern building.

Land Archives in Opava
covers northern and part of eastern Moravia and whole Czech part of Silesia, districts Bruntal, Frydek-Mistek, Jesenik, Karvina, Novy Jicin, Olomouc, Opava, Ostrava, Prerov, Sumperk and Vsetin. Archives is located in the old part of Opava town, which lies near to the Polish borders.
For their websites continue here.


  1. Are the Trebon Archives on line? I am looking for my Great Grandmother Anna Ondra, who came to America in 1894.

  2. Hi, websites of the archives are available in special post:

  3. My Bohemian ancestors were from the village of Rosshaupt/Rozvadov. What records can I find online for that area?

    1. Hi, Rozvadov doesn't have records online yet - it belongs under Pilsen archives and it should be published in about year or year and a half.

    2. Hello, Rozvadov parish books are online - Pilsen archives published it few days ago. :o)

  4. I was curious if records still exist for Chudenin (Chudiwa) and if they are available online? I had relatives on my paternal grandmother's side of the family that resided their until after the second world war. They were ethnic Germans.

  5. Any idea when the records from Romerstadt / Rymarov will be online?

  6. I'n interested in records of Uittwa.
    WQould you be so kind that where can I find it?

    Thank you

  7. Anyone know why the census records for Cheb are not online on the Pilzen archive portia fontium site?

  8. my family came from • Kladno, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic How do I go about finding records for them?


  9. My wifes great-grandfather Vaclav Anton Budin was born 16 December 1861 in Volduchy near Rokycany near Plzen, his father was a cabinetmaker and his mother was a midwife, His father was severely burnt in a lacquer fire in 1884, in 1887 Vaclav (James) immigrated to New York then to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, then to Kalona, Iowa and finally to Logan county Colorado. This information comes from an old publication called Amerikan National Almanac 1932, but we cannot find his parents names or his family line. everywhere we look the information is in Czech and no way to translate, so any help with a link to his parents would be greatly appreciated. thank you

    1. Join the Czech Genealogy FaceBook page and ask the question there. I found a Vaclav but about 6 months off from the date you supplied. The members of the page would be glad to help.

  10. My family are Moravkova. Broz. Kadera

  11. Looking for family that settled near Solon, Johnson County Iowa

  12. I am looking for the family of Frantisek and Anna Hurych from Horni Ujzed and Matej and Marie Prochaska from Veseli nad Moravou.

  13. Trying to locate a birth certificate for my 2nd Great Grandfather John Cerny born 4/23/1855 in what we believe is Bozetice. I am unsure of what site I should go to.

  14. Hi! I am new here. I have been researching my Czech/Bohemian ancestors for a very long time. Now that I've pretty much exhausted all the resources in the USA, I am ready to "go overseas". I am so grateful that I can "go overseas" sitting at my computer! I am having trouble reading the old church records so I have to learn a thing or two before I dive in. I can't wait to get started! If only I could buy time in a bottle.......

  15. My Grandma was born in Veseli nad Moravou in 1898. She arrived in the US in 1921. Her name was Josefa M. Prochaska. In 1923 she married my Grandpa John E. Hurych. John was from Horni Ujzed and arrived in the US in 1912. They were Catholic. Where are the families they left behind?