Monday, October 31, 2011

History of villages: Introduction

As there are just few official village/town's websites available online, I decided to offer you new "section" of the website. This "section" will be located under "villages" label and will provide you history of different villages. Those villages in which you yourselves are interested. And I need you assistance - I need to know in which villages you would be interested. So, leave me a comment under this post with your tips!

What can you expect in the village history?
  • shorter or longer history of the village;
  • information about parish(es) and domain to which the village belonged;
  • information about population (in the past and today);
  • maps.
And probably something more, it just depends on sources which are available.

Links to the village/town history if it is available online in English:


  1. These are the villages that my ancestors and my husband's ancestors came from:

    Vyrov, Bohemia
    Svonic (Svojnice), Bohemia
    Libejovice, Bohemia
    Hracholusky, Bohemia
    Cermna, Bohemia (Near Lanskroun)
    Kozlovice, Moravia
    Horni Sklenov, Moravia
    Vhajove, Moravia
    Hajov, Moravia
    Velke Kuncice (Kuncice pod Ondrejnikem), Moravia
    Celadna, Moravia
    Mnisi, Moravia
    Raskovice, Moravia
    Vysni Lhoty, Moravia
    Babice, Bohemia
    Netolice, Bohemia
    Dehtare, Bohemia
    Brusnem, Bohemia
    Palkovice, Moravia
    Ticha, Moravia
    Litschel (Kozi Loucky?), Moravia
    Zeranovice, Moravia
    Pohl (Polom), Moravia
    Deutsch Jassnik (Jesenik nad Odrou), Moravia
    Lucice, Moravia
    Belotin, Moravia
    Franckovice, Moravia
    Koprivnice, Moravia
    Stramberk, Moravia

    Thanks so much for offering such a valuable resource to those of us who are researching our Czech ancestors.

  2. Ok, that's the first list and I'll go throu it and see what can be done.

    But I believe there are more people willing to know more about the places where their ancestors lived! ;)

  3. I'll play. :) I'm looking forward to reading about any of the areas you select, but if you're looking for more ideas, then here are some.

    In the former estate of Lnare, near Strakonice in Bohemia:

    Stary Smolivec
    Zahrobi/Tisov/Pozdin/Hornosin (all area villages--they are all pretty close, so any one of these would do)

    Within the same estate, any of these villages:
    Kasejovice (again, they seem pretty connected)

    Nezvěstice (somewhere near Pribram, Bohemia, but a different estate)

    So, between me and the poster above, we have the country covered, right? ;)

  4. Hello again Blanka!!! I always has to thank you about your blog!!!!! please if you could include, I would like to suggest:
    They are all in the Prerov district:
    Lipník nad Bečvou
    Stamerice, Tupec
    Chris Gromann

  5. You should NOT have asked for requests. You will be swamped with them! But since you did, here's my list: Moravia, Hodonin district: Zarazice, Znorovy, Liderovice, Veseli nad Moravou. The last town is the largest, and they are all close together. If you know how to find census records or land registries for this area, I'd appreciate mention of that. Many thanks for your work and enthusiasm. I look forward to every new post to see what I can learn.

    1. Ahoj,

      I have ancestors form that exact area - Veselí (Předměstí), Vnorovy, and Lideřovice. While I have no access to land registry or census records from there, perhaps we can share information.

      Pavel (pavelmoravu at yahoo dot com)

    2. Somehow I never saw your reply! Apologies.
      I will email you.

  6. Thank you so much for everything you are teaching us. I just recently learned that one of my great-great grandfathers came from the village of Nemejice in Bohemia so I would appreciate anything I can learn about that village.

  7. I hope this posts this time - my posts keep disappearing. Sorry if it turns into multiple posts.

    I love your blog. Here is my g-grandmother's village, which even though it is only 600 people has a website.

    It is in Ziln. If you put the pages through google translate, one can get the gist of the text.

    I have a few general questions, though. Evidently the village was at one point abandoned in the middle ages due to war and plague. Then, it looks like it was sold to a different nobleman who re-populated it. My question is - how did migration work in those days? Where did these people typically come from? Were they forced to go there from the nobleman's other lands? Did he solicit pioneers? Was it an exciting chance at a new life or a sad life away from your loved ones back in the home village?

    1. Really! My father´s family comes from Zlín and those who are still alive still live there. My father lived there until 1946 when he fled to Iceland.
      Anna Kristine Mikulcáková

    2. Really! My father´s family comes from Zlín and those who are still alive still live there. My father lived there until 1946 when he fled to Iceland.
      Anna Kristine Mikulcáková

  8. Looking for history of villages: Lounovice, Vyzlovka, Mukarov.

  9. I am looking for the history of:

    - REDENITZ bei Kaaden (or Kadan)
    - GRÜN

    Both were in the Sudetenland, Bohmen.
    Thanks a lot.


  11. Feb. 26, 2012 Blanka, this is wonderful! I've just discovered my first 5 ancestral villages, all in Bohemia. They are Neskaredice/Cirkvice/Kutna Hora, Perstejnice[K-H], Kresetice[K-H],Krchleb[K-H]all Caslov Region and Bojanov/Chrudim/Pardubice Region.Many thanks for thinking of this!

  12. I am interested in learning about a village called Rybná nad Zdobnicí (its German name was Deutsch Rybna) in the Rychnov nad Kněžnou District. It is so small that I haven't been able to learn anything about it. Thank you in advance!

  13. I would love to hear more about Vrbno and Kasejovice, the two villages my grandparents were from. The story goes that after they met in America they realized they grew up fairly close together back in Bohemia. But since the villages did not share a common market they may have never met.

    1. My family came from Kasejovice also. There is a website. Just google the village name.

  14. I would like to hear about an area called Milevsko. Not sure if it is a town or a village, but it was listed as the "residence" on my great grandfather's ship crossing record. What I do know is that it is located on the Milevský Potok (Milevsko Stream) about 20 km northwest of the town Tábor and 12 km from the current Orlík Dam area. The family name is Benda, and given the huge number of Benda's located in the Czech Republic, I know finding my Benda's village is likely going to be somewhat of an impossible dream. The time frame would be mid to early 1800's. Thank you so much for setting up this has been incredibly helpful and informative. Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii, USA.

  15. And let me add a couple more while I am at it...Olesna (a village in the Beroun District) and the village Kocin, both in central Bohemia. Thanks!

  16. I would love to see you do one on Radesin in Moravia. It is just south of Bobruvka, and just east of Bobrova.

  17. Sorry. That should have bee just NORTH of Bobruvka.

  18. Sadly, my grandmother passed in 1963 and refused to talk about her Czech family origins. Through research, I learned that her parents came in through NYC to Chicago in 1886 from Predni Bohemen or Podebrady/Podebrauz Bohemen (ship manifest). The surnames are CEPEK and SARFARIK.
    What are these locations - towns, villages, states? Where do I go from here?
    Thank you for any help.

  19. Blanka

    Thanks for the offer. My Pechousek, Vlach, Dunovsky, Keclik-Rybak,Schwantner and Andrlik come from Kestrany and Lhota u Kestrany..... just southwest of Pisek.


  20. I have updated the list of those villages where post about the history is planned.

    1. My ancestors were from the villages Podluhy, Osek, Tlustice (parish Horovice), Privetice (Radnice), Vejvanov, Chomle (Hlohovice).

      Blanka, I am glad I found your site.


  21. I am loving your web site/blog. Thanks so much for this information. I still haven't discovered my ancestors exact roots (towns) in Czech. Our data just says Bohemia. They came to Cedar Rapids Iowa around the 1860's early 1870's. One ancestor was Albert Zaruba and he had a wife in Czechoslovakia but she died. He had a surviving son. Then there is his second wife, Barbara Jakovic, who also came from Bohemia and Albert and Barbara had their first child together in 1872 in Iowa. Barbara's last child with her husband Jakovic was born in 1870. We think that Barbara's maiden name was Krumher. So it is a blended family and Jan Jakovic, born in 1870 in Bohemia kept the name Jakovic but his three sisters all took on the name Zaruba; some of them dropping the final 'a'. I still haven't figured out if they met in Czechoslakia or in Iowa. I will definitely let you know if I discover more detail of their beginnings in Bohemia. Ann

  22. Hi Blanka:
    If you could, would you please do the history of the Village of Myto, where my grandparents were from. I am mostly interested in the occupations in the 1800's. I have a word and don't know what it means - cvokare - cvokar-cvokarsky-cvokar - any ideas?
    Thank you

  23. I am looking for the census records for the family of Josef Houser from Konesin, Czech Republic, Josef Houser married Franceska Kopulety in 1870, and had 6 children. They came to Howells, Nebraska USA in 1892. Konesin is just west of Trebic. Where do I find census records? Thank you for this site

    1. Koněšín is in Třebíč district, so you would have to visit district archives to get the census records - these records are not online and I unfortunately doubt they will be online in upcoming years.

  24. I have recently found your wonderful blog and am very grateful for all the information and look forward to learning more.
    Could you please include Tupesy and Hrdejovice in South Bohemia and Krchleb near Nymburk. Thank you

  25. Hello Blanka. We are looking for my husband's family, Kovarik, and have that Franz Kovarik (born around 1850) was from Bolelouc, Moravia. We will be visiting the area in June and would like to know what village that would be so we can do some research in Brno. His wife was Antonia Schuta who was also from that area. Anything you can tell us would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Toni, you would have to do the research in Olomouc, not Brno archives. The village name is still Bolelouc, it belongs to Olomouc district. Here is the map:

      If you want to search registries, the best way is to search them online on website

  26. Oh, please include the city of Chrudim!

  27. Just curious if you could help with my inquiry. The record I am currently working off of is from the village of Vodokrty. The marriage record translates the groom being from "Brassel unter Paltz." Any idea where this is? There is a Brasy near this region, but not sure if that is Brassel or where the unter Paltz comes into play. The year is 1684. thank you!!

    1. Hi, can you please send me a link to the record?

  28. Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look at this. It really has me stumped.

    Prestice 01, page 261 - Right page, 3rd record from the bottom. Immediately following the name Heinrich Reichart is the "Von Brassel unter Paltz" that has me so confused. Thanks again!!!!!!

    1. Hm hm, I think it could be "Brassel, Undter Faltz" - some village/town called Brassel (or similar name) in Lower Pfalz or the Palatinate region in Germany -

    2. Thanks again for your thoughts! Off to Germany I suppose. Any good websites that you can recommend for that region for genealogical research? I've spent the last couple years in the Czech archives, so in a way I'm starting from scratch.

  29. Would like to know history of Zbytov; Uncin, Dalecin, Veseli and Borovnice. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful information.

  30. Blanka,
    I have just found your sight and am thrilled. I began researching my maternal grandfather's family last year. Some of the family document Horazd'ovice as their birthplace which I have found. However, another has documented Lidy as his birthplace. I have been unable to find this village/town. I understand that it may no longer exist but do you have any suggestions for how I might search maps/records for Lidy? I would appreciate any feedback.

  31. Thank you, Blanko!

    With regard to the more recent history, I find the Chronicle (Kronika) of any of the given towns extremely fascinating. I could spend hours reading it.

    During around 1920 the Czechoslovakian government passed a law that every city/town/village is suppose to preserve its history by keeping track of events in a town Chronicle, to which local residents are to have access. The law has been revised several times, but it is still in existence today.

    Because some of my relatives came from small villages, I was able to find some information about my family members in the Chronicle that I did not know.

    Further, what I found interesting are the writings during World War 2, around the nationalization and Communist take over, and then during August 1968. The horrors that were committed during World War 2, and the helplessness of farmers after 1948 as their farms were being confiscated really come through in these Chronicles.

    Of course, you have to read between the lines. For example, some Chronicles describe the events surrounding August 1968 in very harsh terms and unapologetically criticize the Soviets, a different town Chronicles toe the party line and praise the Soviets for their swift actions. And some present it in a neutral fashion, but you kind of understand that the chronicler does not have a free hand in writing the unvarnished truth.

  32. I am looking for a small village called Lusani in Czechoslakia. My grandfather was born there in 1900. Any ideas?