Sunday, November 3, 2019

Immigrants from Nový Hrozenkov, 1881-1885

I already published a post about people from Nový Hrozenkov born between 1875 and 1880 who have a note by their birth record about immigration to the U.S. As the Nový Hrozenkov birth book contains similar information for the following years, I have decided to publish another post. :)

Nový Hrozenkov on a map from 3rd Military Survey.

There are not so many notes in this time period as there were before - the huge emigration wave from Nový Hrozenkov ended in December 1882, so there were less people leaving this town after this month.   

Vincenc Chuděj (Vincent Chudej), born 18th June 1883, son of Josef Chuděj and Mariana Miklesová; "America 1883". 

Veronika Macháčová (Veronica Machac), born 17th September 1881, daughter of Anna Macháčová; "America 1882".

Rosalie Orságová (Rosaly Orsag), born 12th December 1881, daughter of Jiří Orság and Mariana Vašková; "married in 1909 in Wallis, Texas, America".

Rosina Orságová (Rose Orsag), born 23rd September 1881, daughter of Filip Orság and Rosina Zapalačová; "America 12/12 1882".

Josef Provázek (Joseph Provazek), born 23rd February 1884, son of Josef Provázek and Rosina Mazáčová; "married on 27th February 1911 in Allegheny, America". 

Josef Šipula (Joseph Shipula), born 21st June 1884, son of Pavel Šipula and Barbora Valigurová; "married with Františka Tománek on 21st February 1914 in Caldwell, Texas".

Františka Urbanová (Francis Urban), born 12th December 1882, daughter of Pavel Urban and Rosina Valigurová; "married on 13th June 1912 in Fayetteville, Texas". 

Anna Válková (Anne Valek), born 27th September 1881, daughter of Pavel Válek and Anna Grešová; "America 16/9 1882".

Are your ancestors from Nový Hrozenkov? If so, I'll be happy to do a research in this area!


  1. Hello Blanka. My family moved from Novy Hrozenkov to Dubina and Holman, towns in Fayette County, Texas. Our Name is Zapalac. I have seen it spelled different ways, but Zapalac is the most common. I think the first ones to move from Moravia/Bohemia were Martin and Martina (maybe) Zapalac. They had two children born prior to leaving Moravia: Jan (Johann) Zapalac, Rozina (maybe), and a baby was born and died during the trip (another Johann I think). After getting to Texas, they had a child Mary. Martin’s son, Jan (John) married Marianna Kudelka (many spellings for both of those names). They had 11 children in Texas. One of them (Vincene Felix Zapalac, aka Jim Zapalac) was my father’s great grandfather. I’m curious to know more about Martin Zapalac who seems to have lived in Novy Hrozenkov. He and his wife and 2 children left via Bremen, Germany and arrived in Galveston, TX in 1870 (around 12/28/1870). Any information you could direct me to is appreciated. Thanks so much, Trudi

    1. Hello Trudi, have you tried locating the family through the parish books here in CZ?